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Size - 700mm x 65mm x 50mm Weight-400g

DV1 was developed from professional medical devices. Running costs are less than $1 per week per device. Recent test results comfirm 96.5% microorganisms destroyed within ten minutes in room atmosphere. It is 100% Australian owned and made.The risk of airborne and surface borne infections is reduced. Install device every 2.5 metres for best 2.5 m high rooms the device could be installed on walls or ceilings - and is used for NASA purposes with special light effects which could be made available as well. ----- 10,000,000 or 10 million O 2 * per ccm ! 

Fungi and Moulds are destroyed with a distance of 1 to 1.5 feet to the mobile DV1 and and a fan directing the air flow from behind the DV1 towards the source of surface fungi and mold. Just walk along at slow speed.

Negative ions produced by DV1 reduce bacteria and virus, preventing airborne infections, odours and surface borne infections. It is ideal for home, office, workplace, hospitals, medical offices, clinics, dentist, food manufacturing areas, food and plants displays, restaurants, public counters of government offices, bank offices, schools, libraries, beauty salons, hotels and motels. DV1 improves body metabolisms, intelligence, health and performance at home, office and workplace.

Please visit our website  for more scientific proof and clinical studies.

Effective and reliable

• Developed from medical device • Warranty 6 months 

* warranty 3 years requires maintenance contract - ten year with warranty and maintenance contract 

• expected Life Span if treated the right way and maintained well not exposed to pulls 10 - 50 years •

DV1 produces negative charged oxygen molecules with a charge life span of milly seconds to 5 minutes. Close to the device within 300 millimetres we measure 4-5 million charged molecules per cubic centimetre. The discharge zaps micro-organisms and avoids thus odours produced by the micro-organisms. Zero ozone is produced by the device. DV1 is developed from professional medical devices which guarantee its unparalleled effect. Like its medical counter part, DV1 charges air and destroys over 95% of bacteria, fungi and virus in ten minutes, protecting your family and colleagues from airborne and surface borne infections.

DV1 improves Body Metabolisms and healing processes to the extent that otherwise not achieved health conditions, could be achieved. - And / or healing processes took place in 1/3 to 1/2 of the time otherwise recorded to regaining full health.

DV1 can charge the air in the whole room (Up to 100 cbm ), provided that air flow exists.

Example:office of 1215cbm 2.5 m high recommended number for installation 13 - 14 DV 1 


Safe And Easy To Use

  • Approved to all possible standards
  • Manufactured in Australia – Designed in Australia – MR  (DR ) Gerhard  Fred Kempe Product

DV 1  was treating whooping cough, pneumonia, asthma and other resporitary conditions by placing the device within 34 cm or 1 foot from the nose with fresh airflow present  - achievements for  headache,  migraine and athritic conditions were numerous 

For psoriasis we recommend to expose the naked body to the airflow - it is recommended to use G Kempe Health treatments and advice for fast results as dietetic advice should be adhered to in conjunction to achieve fast results. 

 DV1 is a high quality oxygen ioniser, put through rigorous testing and designed with no compromise. This means that your DV1 has outstanding quality and works well with other appliances in your family home or office.

Moreover, DV1 is available mobile and easy to be installed to fit your different need wihout compromising its outstanding safety and quality.

Note: DV1 could be supplied as moblie or be installed by your qualified electrician and could be together with your air conditioner and/or fan coordinated running.

No Ozone!

Unlike many other ionisers in the market which produce ozone along with the production of the negative ions, the unique  technology applied assures it purifies your air without any contraindications and adverse effects, such as producing ozone. Ozone has been proved damaging for our health in a limited indoor space. Take into account that you get drunk fast when this device is present.The Device charges O2 without producing O3 named Ozone. Devices producing Ozone are not to be used in Australia if humans are present in the room!

Environmentally friendly!

DV1 is approved by eco specifier. As a company concerned with protecting the environment, we produce DV1 with recyclable materials and reduce its power consumption by using efficient elements.


Cost Effective

Running costs less than $1 per week

Your enquiry is welcome for ten year rental contracts

DV1 uses gold plated needles, rather than the more common alloy ones you see on other ionizers, which guarantee its long lasting duration

Workplace Advantages of DV1

Improve your social, economic and environment responsibilities

DV1 device was developed from medical device which is working at a fraction of its capacity. It provides a negative ion cloud of oxygen without producing ozone . The ions discharge from milliseconds to 5 minutes.

Within 5 minutes a room atmosphere of 100cbm is charged if airflow is present to a capacity only partly otherwise achieved in medical treatment facilities; once charged, fungi, virus and bacteria and virus are destroyed and dust particles fall out.

DV1 can significantly improve the following situation:

A. Avoid Production Flow Clinging

The harmonious homogeny charge avoids static cling of matters during production. (Especially plastic cling could be avoided). Due to the even charge of the room structure, gravity works to a higher extent. As charged clouds are not part of the room structure heavy particles fall out faster and gases rise faster.

B. Protect family and colleagues avoid airborne and suface infections

Clinical and workplace health and safety studies prove that the risks of airborne infections as well as surface borne infections are greatly reduced. ( As spit transfer can not be disinfected with D V 1 )  

 Airborne infections

 Surface infections



 Chicken Pox

 Chicken Pox



 Whooping Cough

 Whooping Cough





 Hand foot and mouth disease

 Hand foot and mouth disease







C. Negative ions improve body-metabolisms

As every medicine book knows all body functions are based on negative ions. They are the cell messenger to transport information within our body. Nerves – Muscles-Tissue –Eyes – Ears

Active controlled and inactive controlled body functions –work only when negative ions are present – and there is no harm caused by over-supply.
• Brain Matter requires negative ions to function.
• All organs require negative ions to function
• All glands require negative ions to function
• All body control mechanisms require negative ions to function
• Immune system requires negative ions

Data displayed on our web page are clinical studies and work experiences of various entities with high credibility. They all confirm
• Improved health – sickness rate 1:16 ( studied on large office facilities with 50 persons per room over a period of six months )
• Improved immune system ( even aids infected persons became resistant )
• Better work efficiency ( less mistakes - better output - higher quality better trading results )

D. Food and Plant Displays Last Longer

In our tests fresh cut flowers lasted more than double time with the DV1 device. Food displays of fresh produce were able to last in good condition twice as long as without the DV1 device.



As negative ions have a limited life span and they are absorbed through skin and breathing apparatus.

Charged oxygen works without chemicals and negative side effects to liver and kidneys and other parts of our digestive system. Negative ions activate body metabolisms to improved functions, activate antioxidant and work as antioxidant.

Environmental Testing On DV1


The environmental high volume air samples & surface swabs were performed on 22nd July 2008 within the facility of the Clevel and Visitor Villas Motel, D. Samples were taken before & after treatment of the villas with the DV1 device for 10 minutes. As you can see from the results there is a remarkable 96.5% reduction in bacteria & fungi in the room atmosphere after the DV1 device was applied for 10 minutes with a fan circulating the air.

Present for Testing Fiona McNicol - B. App.Sc (Biotechnology), Microbiology Manager Gerhard Kempe - Managing Director, Golonaise Pty Ltd


Australia Model:
• Ions Density: 10,000,000 plus per cbcm (near the device) 
• Power Requirement: Built to country standards - 110V USA standards  
  or 220 or 240V Australia and European standards
• Power Consumption: 0.4W for light verification* option for 0.1W or less
• Dimensions with stand (WxHxD mm): 700x65x50
• Weight (Kg) : 400g


Please visit our CLEVELAND VISITOR VILLAS MOTEL and experience the invigorating and healthy atmosphere created by DV1. Please be advised that appointment is necessary.
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